Customer Referrals are Running Dry – What now?

Has your sales pipeline seen better days? Your business has been doing great. Word of mouth referrals have been driving business to your sales team and you can barely keep up. You are experiencing year over year growth. And then it stops. The referrals simply stop pouring in. …

Now that the “Golden Days” are over, you are back to square one. Your sales team is disgruntled as they adjust to different strategies to procure new business….

To Script or Not to Script – B2B Cold Calling

Your phone rings, so you answer it… (Silence for 10 seconds) Hello! This is John Smith with AZ Corp calling. I’m with my company’s Value Added Rewards program. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get cash back rewards for every purchase you make? Well, what I’m going to tell you… CLICK. Chances are you’ve heard a pitch like this…..